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Welcome to my new website, my intention is for the website to be used as a resource for all those practicing Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and Kung Fu. My experience over the last 20 years is that the principles of movement, both physically and energetically, are the same across all systems. We are after all human and really there are no secrets, just time and application.


"I originally started Tai Chi classes with Bryan a few years ago, as recommended by my physio, because I had painful knees after some tough hill-walking and hard skiing, after a lifetime of little exercise and a sedentary job. Bryan’s teaching of the various postures is relevant, informative and effective, whatever your ability, and I quickly started enjoying the classes and making them part of my weekly schedule. It took several months for my knees to slowly stop hurting and creaking, but on subsequent walking holidays I found that my legs were stronger and I was able to walk up and down hills (and stairs!) much more easily and painlessly. If ever I have backache now, a few Qi-Gong exercises quickly help me loosen up. I also find the controlled-breathing aspect of Tai Chi very beneficial and, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown, the regular classes during the week have helped with my mental well-being. I think it also helped my recovery earlier in the year after I had a chest infection (possibly from Covid-19). I never thought Tai Chi would become such a central part of my life. I learn more at every class, as I attempt to continue improving. I particularly enjoy doing the “form” (often on my own, outside, in the middle of nowhere) – it makes me feel relaxed, refreshed and energised." Jenni

"I have been practising Qi-Gong and Tai Chi with Bryan for a few years now and can highly recommend his classes. Bryan is a brilliant teacher, he explains everything very clearly and is always very patient and understanding. After his “Zoom” classes he is always happy to answer questions and discuss any problems we might have. Since taking up Qi-Gong I have become much more aware of the benefits of breathing correctly and have found that the practice has quietened my mind and increased my energy levels. I just love learning the Tai Chi form with Bryan and feel it has strengthened my body and helped with my flexibility and balance. It is rather like a moving meditation and I always feel better after his classes." Ann