Coronavirus – Update 1

Due to developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus, the following actions are to be taken at Tai Chi classes at all venues to minimise the risks associated with the spread of the coronavirus :

1. External and internal doors will remain open so you enter and exit the class venues without needing to touch any high-risk surfaces. 

2. Should you need to use the toilet and kitchen facilities, please follow the government’s guidelines for washing hands (link here) and then remember to use a tissue to open the door before you then throw it away.

If you experience any symptoms which could indicate coronavirus, even mild ones, please do not come to class in consideration of other students and to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Here’s a link to a website which lists symptoms associated with the coronavirus.

The classes will continue as normal unless:

1. the government restricts gatherings of up to 15 people.

2. the venues themselves close and they restrict us having access to them.

3. I come down with the coronavirus in which case I will need to self-isolate for a week. During this time, with the help of senior students, we will endeavour to keep the classes running. However, it is possible that this may prove to be beyond all kinds of planning and there may be a situation arising where some classes would need to be cancelled. 

Should classes need to be cancelled, I will inform everyone via both email and text. Please ensure your email and mobile phone numbers are up to date in the system. To do this, log in (link to login) and then click the link ‘Update Details’ on the top right under the picture.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a “forgot password” facility on the log-in page beneath where you enter your log-in details. 

Given the uncertainty of how the coronavirus will spread and the changing situation vis-a-vis government restrictions, from now on I will be sending you a weekly update with regard to developments and if and how they affect classes until we resume normality (whatever that is) again.