Coronavirus – Update 2

Given the latest press release from the Prime Minister this evening, I have decided to cut my holiday short and will be running classes again as from tomorrow evening (Tuesday).

In response to government guidelines to minimise social contact,  for the time being I will not be giving 1-1 guidance on postures after the form. Instead, we will extend the qi-gong exercises and/or repeat the form. In addition, when we do the handwork at the end of class, we will face forward rather than into a circle.  

In addition to the measures I mentioned in the last update, I will be using a detergent spray to clean all door touch surfaces, taps and handles before each class to help reduce risks. 
Until such time as the government requires that gatherings such as our Tai Chi classes do not take place, classes will remain open for those who are happy to attend. 

I fully understand that there are a number of students who fall into the high-risk category, or have close contact with people who do, and therefore will wish to minimise risk and self-isolate. These are personal decisions that I fully respect.