About Me

My Journey in the martial arts began in 2002 when I joined the White Crane Fujian Kung Fu club. My aim at the time was focused on Kung Fu. It was shortly after starting Kung Fu that my instructor Neil Johnson recommended I do the soft style Tai Chi called Shuang Yang. When Neil left the Fujian Club in 2006 I joined his new club White Crane Fighting Arts and trained with them until the end of 2016. During this time I gained my Tai Chi instructors grading and began teaching in 2010.

While still with the White Crane Fighting Arts  club I went to China in 2008 and 2012 and studied Dishu under Master Zei Pei Linn who is in direct lineage to Master Chen Yijiu. In 2011 he came to the UK where I was also privileged to be taught by him.

From the very first tho, Tai Chi was best suited to me and although I enjoy the Kung Fu side my focus has always been more on the Tai Chi. The impact that Tai Chi has had on me has been significant on both a physical and mental level. The philosophy of softness, gentleness and the idea of letting go your attachment in favour of flow and smoothness has shaped how my life has developed over the last decade or so.

As I continue to travel the Ta Chi journey, I am now studying with Iain Armstrong of Nam Yang Pugilistic Association, who traces his Shuang Yang lineage back to the Shaolin Temple in Quan Zhou. The lineage is as follows:

Xiao Dan Qing. Shaolin Temple. Quan Zhou. Fukien.
Miao Sian Meng. Shaolin Temple. Quan Zhou. Fukien.
Ang Lian Huat. Nam Yang Pugilistic Association.
Tan Soh Tin. Nam Yang Pugilistic Association.
Iain Armstrong. Nam Yang Pugilistic Association

My interest in the idea of principles across the soft styles of Tai Chi has also led me to begin in February 2017 studying the traditional Chen and Yang styles with Master Shousheng(Luke) Zhang who is a part of the sixth generation of yang family teachers.

My purpose is to discover and learn as much as possible about these soft gentle arts so I can share it with all my students and together we can create harmony and sanctuary of which there is a very great need in the modern world.

If you are interested in improving your overall health, strength and flexibility then why not come and try a free class in either Teddington or Dorking.